domainname.: Name not served by this server

Dirk Gloede dirk at
Tue Oct 16 18:49:46 EST 2001


I have created a new subdomain. I rename (hostname, ip, domainname)
my Mandrake Computer, remove them from domain and will add this in
the subdomain. The domain NIS+ Server is Solaris 2.5, the new NIS+
subdomain Server is Solaris 8.  In this I have add Solaris 8 Clients and
its works fine. But when I use
nisinit -c -H subdomainNIS+server
domainname.: Name not served by this server
When I use 
nisinit -c -H domainNIS+server
the correct NIS_COLD_START File is copy, but I get
Can't list directory: Error in RPC subsystem

I have test nisutils 1.3 and 1.4.1. The error is the same. Time ist sync.
The different is
Timezone MET on domain NIS+ server, MEST on subdomain NIS+ server
and CEST on Mandrake computer.

What can I do

Bye and Thanks

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