Pam upgrade on RH7.1 broke authentication

Stephen Atwell satwell at
Sat Dec 29 04:10:57 EST 2001

I have a Red Hat 7.1 machine that was working just fine with NIS+.  I
applied a Red Hat pam update, which updated pam from pam-0.74-22 to
pam-0.75-18.7.  Now, if you authenticate correctly on the first try,
everything works fine.  But if you authenticate incorrectly, all
succesive attempts fail.  E.g., login does this:

login: satwell
Password: (an incorrect password)
Login incorrect

login: satwell
Login incorrect

I tried upgrading to the newest pam_unix2 module I could find (20010711)
and rebuilding it in the source tree of the new version of pam, but this
didn't help.  Has anyone run into this problem before?

Steve Atwell
System Administrator                       satwell at
Motorola, Urbana-Champaign Design Center   Voice: 217-384-8520

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