nisinit on Red Hat 7.2

Morong, Gerry Gerry.Morong at
Tue Dec 18 09:27:36 EST 2001

I have nisutils-1.4 working on Red Hat 7.1.  However, taking the same
steps on Red Hat 7.2 is a problem.  Nisutils-1.4 and nisutils-1.3 both
compile fine on RH 7.2 but when you run nisinit you get the following

# nisinit -c -H nismaster
Using as NIS+ server ...
Couldn't connect to rpc.nisd on newmozart (

If I snoop the network on the master, I see the client ask for a port
and the master reply with 32772.  Then the client sends an ICMP
Destination unreachable (Bad port).

Any ideas?

Gerry Morong
Electronic Design Automation
gerry.morong at

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