Redhat 7.2 and Nis+ issues

Ben Middleton ben.middleton at
Thu Dec 6 21:04:41 EST 2001

Hello Bob,

Thanks for your concise summary.

All is now well.

My problem was simply that I had not put the nisplus script in my startup. I
was originally using the one that ships with nis-utils-1.4, but this was
causing total login failure. I think the nis_cachemgr stuff might have been
part of the problem - not 100% sure - but I am using nscd now anyway. I was
always testing nisplus functionality  by running the commands manually, and
indeed I was not having any trouble with querying our nisplus server.

I guess that something in Redhat is only getting loaded on startup that
checks out the authentication. Hence I was always getting a 'User unknown'
error from any kind of login attempt.


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