[linux-cifs-client] Error segmentation fault.

Stef Bon stefbon at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 11:02:12 MST 2010


some days ago I've posted a message I could not compile cifs-utils,
because it needs a kerberos header.

I've installed kerberos from source, so now I've installed it.

But when I try to use it, it only gives errors. First I thought it had
to do with the kernel (version,
so I installed the latest kernel at this moment, 2.6 33.

Now I'm trying at again, but again errors:

mount.cifs  //sclfs20091030/public mount -o ip=,guest

Mar  7 18:59:21 clfs20091030 kernel: mount.cifs[6035]: segfault at 14
ip 0804bffe sp bff54cc0 error 4 in mount.cifs[8048000+7000]

This is the same when I use a valid credentialsfile.
When I reinstall the mount.cifs from the samba-3.4.4 source everything
works again.

Stef Bon

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