[linux-cifs-client] Domain based DFS namespace works?

Suresh Jayaraman sjayaraman at suse.de
Mon Feb 9 16:37:18 GMT 2009

Suresh Jayaraman wrote:
> Hi all,
> It's not clear to me whether complete domain based DFS namespace support
> is available or not with linux cifs implementation. For e.g.
> Suppose there are two Win2k3 servers (dfs1, dfs2) and a seperate win2k3
> PDC as AD (ad.domain). Both dfs1 and dfs2 are part of ad. dfs1 has a
> namespace 'ns 'and referral link 'ref' present in dfs2.
> If I try to mount the DFS namespace using AD domain, is it expected to work?
>      mount -t cifs //ad.domain/ns /mnt -o user=Administrator
> (note that I'm trying to mount the referral directly)

Oops.. typo, it should have been "not trying to mount referral directly"
ad.domain/ns (DFS root) i.e. using the AD domain name instead of hostname.

> In one of our setup it doesn't seem to be working. But I'm not sure
> whether it's a configuration issue or not.
> Thanks,

Suresh Jayaraman

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