[linux-cifs-client] Re: dfs path construction fix - send dfs paths on all path based operations on share in dfs

Igor Mammedov niallain at gmail.com
Wed May 14 11:50:25 GMT 2008

Steve French wrote:
> Samba was not handling paths without the \\server\share prefix (which
> our current code sends on QueryPathInfo) when "SHARE_IN_DFS" on
> operations such as rmdir and delete.
> This patch fixes that:

Attempted to test patch and

 at the first attempt I've got oops caused by a missing CIFSGetDFSRefer patch,
 after digging it up and applying it, oops is disappeared. But it doesn't
 help much because your patch broke traversal over a dfs link,  at the moment
 dfs lookup relies on the second lookup attempt with a short path name (without
 tree name).
 BTW, you said that you almost made patch for a fake dfs inode,  it could fix
 things up.

 mkdir and rmdir on a dfs enabled share work (at least with samba), can't check 
 it on MS however.

 commiting CIFSGetDFSRefer patch will help to avoid oops-es and more people
 would be able to test the DFS related patches.


Best regards,

Igor Mammedov,
niallain "at" gmail.com

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