[linux-cifs-client] DFS path construction

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Tue May 13 19:22:43 GMT 2008

The DFS patches are causing problems with Samba when the share is in
DFS and the path matches the form

/directory/subdir (or /directory/file)

It seems that when share is in DFS your code fixes up the
QueryPathInfo but not the rmdir and delete and various other path
based calls - so Samba sees the /directory/subdir in the path request
as /server/share instead and then a directory of "." which it can't
change into (Samba will return a "invalid handle" on rmdir of

My guess is that Windows would also have problems with this (for self
referrals apparently Windows can begin \\server\sharenames in UNC
paths in DFS requests with single slash instead of \\  perhaps this
would confuse windows if your "rmdir /mnt/dir1/dir2" which we will
send as SMBRmDir of \dir1\dir2 would fail if the share name is dir2
(and a valid server name is dir1).

In any case we should be sending the \\server\share\dir1\dir2 on the
remaining path based calls when share is in DFS ... right?



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