[linux-cifs-client] CIFS DFS support

Q qwerty0987654321 at mail.ru
Fri Jan 19 10:32:06 GMT 2007

now mount/umount parts works.
Patch with usable DFS support is attached.

Support: resolving and automounting DFS links

Limitation: mount of the "remote" DFS root is not supported yet,
as workaround it is possible to mount root share on the current active
server (for Win2k tab DFS in the properties window of the connected DFS

Install instruction:
To install it you will need kernel
to apply patch
# cd  your_kernel_source_tree/fs/cifs
directory and execute
# patch -p0 < /whatewer_you_saved_it/dfs.diff
then compile kernel with cifs support and install it and modules

in the next step you should install 'keyutils' package
for RHEL4 you will need to install 'keyutils-libs' and 'keyutils' rpms
Then copy your_kernel_source_tree/fs/cifs/cifs_resolver.sh into /sbin
directory and add string:

create  cifs_resolver  * * /sbin/cifs_resolver.sh %k %d %S

into /etc/request-key.conf file

now you can mount windows share that contains DFS links as subdirectories.

Q wrote:
> Some news about subj.
> I've almost done it using NFS submount approach. Now It can mount and
> follow DFS link. Though I've not started unmount part for submounts
> yet.
> If someone wish to play with not completed DFS support, I can send
> patch to cifs module from kernel.


Best regards,

Igor Mammedov,
niallain "at" gmail.com

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