[linux-cifs-client] suse vs fedora (mount -t cifs)

Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 22:39:35 GMT 2006

I want to mount samba share // to local machine /test and
I want the owner of /test to be user "pero".

On Suse I did it like this:
smbmount // /test -o username=pero,uid=pero,gid=pero

fedora doesn't use smbmount so I tried "mount -t cifs" as suggested:

mount -t cifs // /test -o username=pero,uid=pero,gid=pero

but when I do 'ls -al /" I see that owner is not set as I wish it
(owner and group should be "pero").

How do I mount samba share with "pero" user as owner of mounted share ?

Thank you.

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