[linux-cifs-client] Whence newest release?

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 28 18:26:21 GMT 2004

Bitkeeper (and kernel.org) always has the latest version.  I checked a 
snapshot of the 2.6 code into svn (Samba projects are moving from CVS to 
SVN) which may be more recent.  The CVS tree is 2.4 specific and is 
probably a few minor releases back (1.22 vs. 1.20c) as you noted.

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[linux-cifs-client] Whence newest release?

Just checked out cifsvfs CVS and CHANGES file claim it is 
"Version 1.20".  Is this really the latest version?  I thought there
was a version that was going into linux-2.6.9 that had some unicode
fixes in it.  I want to try and backport those fixes into 1.20, but it
doesn't look like they are in CVS.

Can anyone point me to the latest?


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