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Custom Labels :: Features

Features and Benefits of O Premium Waters Custom Labeled Bottled Water

•  Blue Bottles .Our bottles are a high grade blue tint. Our blue
bottles are market tested and repeatedly score higher in presentation
quality than clear bottles. They add a unique sense of design and
thoughtfulness at no extra cost.

•  Blue Caps .Our blue caps are a custom color. They are designed to
match the bottle and raise the overall quality of presentation. There
is no extra cost.

•  Waterproof 4/C Labels .In keeping with a quality image, water proof
labels are a must. Paper labels are the standard for most of custom
label bottlers. There is no extra charge for our four color waterproof

•  22 Gram Weight. We use a high quality bottle that has 15-25% more
plastic (gram weight) giving our bottles a more sturdy feeling
compared to the flimsy lower weight bottles of competitors.

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