[jcifs] Latest Maven artifact & thread problem

g.hohl at aurenz.de g.hohl at aurenz.de
Tue Jul 25 12:47:58 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,




I noticed that the homepage of jCIFS states that version 1.3.18 was
released in October 2014.

But in the Maven Central Repository the most current version is 1.3.17
of March 2012.

Any change that this will change in the future?




I also faced an issue regarding the use / creation of threads within the
jCIFS library.

>From time to time I have more than 500 threads created by the library
also I don't access that many shares and files at once (only

The stack trace of all of these threads looks like this:


JCIFS-QueryThread: <MYDOMAIN>:

                java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)







<MYDOMAIN> is of course a placeholder.

Is it possible that a name lookup is done for every access (means method
call) of the jcifs.smv.SmbFile class?

Or at least almost every access, like the #exist(), #delete(), #isFile()

Is it possible to do an address caching so the?

Or to define a thread pool, so I can limit the number of threads, let's
say to 20?

Is it somehow possible to prevent the call of the methods which lead to
the creation of the threads?







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