[jcifs] Browser based login via NTLMv2

Tom Barber tom at spicule.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 10:55:36 UTC 2016

Hello folks,

I'm trying to get Jasig CAS to play nicely with JCIFS and NTLMv2 and seem
to be missing part of the puzzle.

I see the HTTP servlet for NTLM doesn't work in JCIFS with v2 but I don't
think that issue affects me directly.

CAS passes off an NTLMv2 Type 3 ticket to JCIFS and from that Smb.login()
is called. The ticket has no password just the hashes. But then it lands at

public static byte[] nTOWFv2(String domain, String username, String

when processing the Smb login which then tries to process the password
which of course it doesn't have.

I see claims that NTLMv2 works, but is it the case that it works, but not
for browsers? Or have I missed something?


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