[jcifs] Seven jCIFS bug fixes from Google./Future Development

Moritz Bechler bechler at agno3.eu
Thu Jun 23 17:03:48 UTC 2016


> That all sounds great but I would like to caution anyone forking JCIFS:
> I can see there are literally 5 pages of projects on github called
> "jcifs". Not "jcifs-foo" or whatever but just "jcifs". If you or
> anyone else creates a fork of jcifs, please do NOT call it "jcifs". If
> someone builds it and makes a jcifs-x.x.x.jar they will not be able to
> identify the fork from the original!

Sure, totally agree, not changing the artifact name for mine was merely
an oversight on my side.

However the damage is already done with various other forks and as I
said the I'm not too happy with the current state either.

I guess these forks come for different reasons:
- no public project infrastructure that people are now used to
(repository, issue tracking, pull request, ...)
- lack of artifacts (easily) usable in typical build processes
- features (potentially also fixes) not integrated in mainline (or only
as a patch)
- general lack of visible activity

Do you have any plans for future development? Would you be interested in
being involved in an effort to address to above-mentioned issues and/or
future-proofing the library?



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