[jcifs] java.io.IOException: Failed to establish session

M. D. moder at abv.bg
Thu Mar 12 03:12:00 MDT 2015

 Hello Adam, Mike, Everyone

Have you had any luck discovering the root cause for this issue?

I posted a few months ago on the mailing list. One of our customers suffers from exactly the same issue but we're currently not able to reproduce it on our side.
The same issue reported a long time ago by other users: 

I just dug up this thread and I see that you suffered from the same thing and you were able to debug it locally. 
I know it was a long time ago but do you by any chance remember what was the OS of the server machine? Did you use NetBIOS with alternative names + Windows Server 2003 for the server? If that's the case then it might be related to:

Also, do you remember any details about your environment in general? Any tips on how to reproduce that will be appreciated!

Best regards,

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