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Sridhar Jonnalagadda jonnalagadda.sridhar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 16:49:46 MDT 2014

Hello JCIFS support team,

We have a requirement where there will be multiple calls, to list contents
of a folder. From MS-CIFS doc, there are two commands TRANS_FIND_FIRST2 and
TRANS_FIND_NEXT2 that might be used to retrieve folder contents as pages.

The listFiles() API in SmbFile is retrieving all the contents as one big
list. I see the code is using TRANS_FIND_FIRST2 and TRANS_FIND_NEXT2.
SmbFile does not have API to fulfill the requirement.

The wrapper service around this library, is based on async event driven
approach. We are using Vertx polyglot framework. There are chances where
the contents in the folder keeps growing and memory consumption becomes

I’m thinking to enhance SmbFile to include this feature.

Am I on the right track? What is the process to publish these changes.

>From my end, one long term solution need is to make it as async library
using netty and Observable pattern for most of the SmbFile APIs.  Is it a
valid thing to be on road map for this library?

Thanks & Regards,
Sridhar Jonnalagadda
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