[jcifs] Using JCIFS in our Android App

Somnath Kundu skundu07 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 09:19:37 MDT 2014


We have used your JCIFS library in our 'Soumi Music Player' app for
Android. Thanks for your library. Without it, I would not have dared
to write this app. This app will be released in Google Play Store as
free app with donation option. You can find a beta version now from
the following URL


We have put the copyright notice and download link for your JCIFS in
the 'Acknowledge' page of this app as below.

JCIFS smb client library
Copyright (c) 2000-14 Michael B. Allen
Released under LGPL
Web: http://jcifs.samba.org/

A screenshot of this page is provided at the following link.


Let me know if this is okay and sufficient for you. I am also asking
for your permission specifically as we will be releasing the final APK
file in Google Play Store and not any source file, and this may not
satisfy all the requirements under LGPL as I don't know if it is
possible for the end user to relink with your JCIFS library. We will
of course use your latest library file when it is available, with our

Thanking you and waiting for your reply.

Somnath Kundu

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