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Bentzvi, Liron Liron_Bentzvi at bmc.com
Wed Mar 13 04:20:53 MDT 2013


I'm writing an application in java, and I use SMB functions.

there are several functions that delay the process:
smbFiles.getSecurity() , smbFile.connect() ,new SmbFileInputStream(smbFile).

I will give examples from the rsm.log file:

<R,03/06/13 09:11:10 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [FINE,LogSmb,deriveRemoteLocalDate] Timezone raw offset for hostName elg90101.sl.dc2.sony.com.sg = (0 ms), DSTSavings offset = (0 ms), RSM local date = (1362561070228 ms)
<R,03/06/13 09:16:44 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [WARNING,LogSmb,getLogFiles] Could not get security for Matching_for_MARS.log
<R,03/06/13 09:16:44 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [FINEST,LogSmb,getLogFiles] Exception: The handle is invalid.

The data gap Occurs when calling the function:

 <R,03/06/13 09:07:31 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [FINEST,LogSmb,getLogFiles] Path  = smb://elg90101%3Bpatrol%3A********elg90101.sl.dc2.sony.com.sg/E$/IDS/03_SCE/93_Matching/Log_Copy/
 <R,03/06/13 09:10:04 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [FINEST,LogSmb,getLogFiles] Established connection with elg90101.sl.dc2.sony.com.sg

The data gap Occurs when calling the function:

<R,03/06/13 09:17:17 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [FINEST,LogSmb,countFileSizeInChars]    SMB file length    = 7413706
 <R,03/06/13 09:20:39 UTC,STDERR,[RSMScheduler_Worker-68]> [FINEST,LogSmb,countFileSizeInChars] Start from beginning

The data gap Occurs when calling the function:
SmbFileInputStream tmpsmbInputStream = new SmbFileInputStream(smbFile);

As you can see the problem causing delay while running the program..

1.       What could be causing the problem?

2.       How can we deal with this problem?

3.       Is this a common problem?

I hope to receive from you an answer as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
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