[jcifs] Error message "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password."

Hitendra hitendra.behera at fostersgroup.com
Thu Oct 11 18:44:49 MDT 2012


Web are using small case of domain name, and all are in same WINS server. So
during authentication it is set as new NtlmPasswordAuthentication( "auvics106",
"user", "xxxxx" )

It was working before, and suddenly stop working while processing Type3message
with auvics106 (Windows 2000) server.

After doing thorough investigation, found there is no need to send across the
domain name since the account is local and the server auvics106 is not
registered to any domain. It is configured as workgroup.

I am not sure why it was working before and why it just stop working now, but I
had a look at the code of jcifs, found this 

Line [432] String domainName = getDomain();

I guess this should be 
String domainName = getDomain().toUpperCase()

After fixing this, it works fine whether it is lowercase or uppercase.

Is this fix is correct???


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