[jcifs] Help Accessing SVCCTL Pipe on remote Server

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I am currently working on a tool for which I need to access a remote Windows machines services. I tried to access the SVCCTL pipe and communicate with it ... but unfortunately without success. I found A tool with which I could do what I want out of the box (Alfresco JLan), but I would rather stick with JCIFS as I did encounter some issues in Named-Pipe communication and I don't want to mix up the frameworks in one project. JCIFS for file transfer and named pipe communication and JLan for accessing the services.

If anyone here on this list would be willing to provide me with an JCIFS based example that connects to a remote Windows and displays the details of running Services, I am willing to pay for the effort. So if you are interested, please contact me off list. I think it should probably be an easy task for a JCIFS pro.

Help greatly appreciated,

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