[jcifs] WebDAV and Windows 7

Elijah W. Gagne Elijah.W.Gagne at dartmouth.edu
Thu Jan 26 14:21:52 MST 2012

Hi Davenport List,

Dartmouth College is implementing Davenport and we're trying to use NTLMv2, but we can't get it to work.

I've read:

In the web.xml we've used the parameter:

And tried setting values 3-5, but Windows PCs won't connect unless we configure them to use NTLMv1 (no matter what value we try 0-5). We've tested this on WinXP (which by default does NTLMv1) and Win7 (which by default does NTLMv2).  When we edit the web.xml we are sure to restart the application. When we edit the registry on the Window PCs to change NTLM level we are sure to reboot.

Should this work, or are we missing anything?

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