[jcifs] List many workgroups/domains

rmillet rmillet42+jcifs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 11:34:20 MST 2012


I have some issue when I want to list all domains and workgroups on my

- I have one domain controller (Windows 2008) and one workstation (Windows
XP) on the domain MYDOMAIN.
- I boot a debian on the workgroup MYWORKGROUP,
and then (a few minutes after debian is up) I do:

new SmbFile("smb://").listfiles();

which only returns MYWORKGROUP.

tcpdump shows that both debian and windows XP answer to the MSBROWSE query,
but only debian is asked for known domains.

Both workgroup and domain are returned when I wait several minutes after
debian is up.

Is there a way to force listfiles to ask all master browser servers,
because I can't rely on the "stability" of my network (many workgroups,
many computers often connected/disconnected) ?


PS: by the way, JCIFS it's a great library.
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