[jcifs] With what SMB server versions is jCIFS compatible?

Jim Davis jim.davis at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 02:10:41 MDT 2012

I am using the jCIFS library (version 1.3.14). I have been asked
    "Is there a minimum version of the SMB protocol that we support?"
I read through the FAQ and did not see that addressed.

Can someone tell me what is needed for a Microsoft Server to be
supported by jCIFS 1.3.14?

P.S. I have repaired a memory leak in the code that occurs when the
SSN_LIMIT is small relative to the number of simultaneous connections
(each getSmbTransport() call searches for a transport with less than
SSN_LIMIT connections, (usually) fails to find one and allocates a new
one. Would you be interested in the patch for that bug (also speeds up
getSmbTransport() calls via O(1) map call rather than O(n) connection
list traversal)?

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