[jcifs] Refers to : Different client properties on the same JVM

André Warnier aw at ice-sa.com
Fri Oct 21 15:47:44 MDT 2011


The separate thread mentioned in the subject line touches a topic which has been puzzling 
me for a while.  It is not related to jCIFS, but there must be some common element, and 
the expertise on this list may make it the right place to ask :

On a Windows workstation, when using the Explorer to connect to remote network shares, if 
one first connects to, say, \\somehost\someshare and provides a set of credentials 
(userid, password), then subsequently tries to connect to another share on the same host, 
say \\somehost\someothershare which requires other credentials, it always fails, 
apparently because "something" prevents one workstation to connect twice to the same host 
using two different sets of credentials.

The discussion in the other thread seems to indicate that with jCIFS, this would be 
possible however.

So where is the problem when trying to do the same from a Windows workstation ?
Anyone here knows the explanation ?

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