[jcifs] Different client properties on the same JVM

Javier Mendez jmendez at searchtechnologies.com
Thu Oct 20 18:32:32 MDT 2011


I´m facing a problem with the client properties. I want to use two (or more) 
different sets of properties on the same Java virtual machine.

Is my understanding, that in the way JCIFS is built at the moment, it will use a 
static reference to the client properties (jcifs.Config) and then the first time 
classes are referenced those properties are loaded.

What is the purpose behind that?

Also, are there any plans of changing the way properties are managed in the 
future? If no, then how much effort (if that is possible of course) would be 
required to make that change?

Thanks a lot, JCIFs is great!


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