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Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sat Jul 30 14:57:21 MDT 2011

Response below...

André Warnier wrote:
> Michael B Allen wrote:
> ...
>>> 2. We found that, on some samba implementations (e.g. Solaris), the
>>> file-list isn't assembled correctly. So that, if a certain file/folder
>>> limit is reached, the files will occur multiple times.
>>> We found a solution for this, that works in our testing environment.
> ...
>> Thanks for the feedback. I would be interested in knowing what change
>> you made to correctly decode the errant file-list. If the change is
>> not complex I would be happy with a simple explanation of the change
>> or a code fragment or a fragment of diff output, etc.
> That reminds me of a bug on Nexenta OS, which is based on an OpenSolaris
> kernel.
> When sharing a ZFS filesystem via SMB/CIFS, and mounting this filesystem
> from a Linux client, we were hitting the same kind of thing.
> The problem started at about 128 files in a directory of the Nexenta
> system.  The Linux client was then seeing 2 files for each file under
> Nexenta.  The more files in the directory, the more duplicates,
> triplicates, quadruplicates etc.. were seen.
> Is this the same issue, or just a similar one ?

It would be the same problem if Marco is running one of the derivatives of
the Solaris in-kernel CIFS server implementation.  He stated, however, that
he was running "some samba implementations" which suggests that the problem
may be inherent to the Solaris and *BSD implementation of some underlying
system call.

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