[jcifs] Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

Jason Millard jsm174 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 08:17:58 MDT 2011

> Well that explains it. The server simply does not offer NTLM.
> However I have NEVER heard of a server that does not support NTLM.
> Kerberos does not work if the client does not have access to a DC, if
> DNS isn't exactly right or if time is not synchronized on all
> machines. And this is not a complete list of requirements for Kerberos
> to work. So I'm mildly shocked that this server does not do NTLM.
> What is the server? Is it Windows? Or is it some kind of appliance?

You're right it's an appliance. I just found out that it's a F5 ARX
file virtualization server. And... NTLM has not been enabled on it by

So, from what I understand, there maybe a shift towards Kerberos where
I work, so I'll need to start preparing.

I'm assuming I could try jcifs-krb5 once I figure out the KDC and
Realms settings? I looked through KerberosAuthExample. Am I on the
right path?

Thanks again,
-- Jason

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