[jcifs] JCifs and Kerberos

Craig Stires craig.stires at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 11:03:07 MST 2011

Hi Travis,

Have you started on updating the jcifs-Kerberos library yet?  This has just
come onto my radar, as well, so just checking in on this. 

All the best,

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Hi Travis,

There is no repository because there is only one person maintaining
the code (me). So just download the full package with the source. Old
packages are under the "old" directory like:


Note: You cannot list the 'old' directory - you must know the exact
version number of the package you wish to download.

Meaning you can download the last Kerberos package, download the
corresponding version of JCIFS, compare and then adapt the changes to
the latest version of JCIFS.

Note: The Mr. Shun Kerberos patch is not optimal because the existing
JCIFS codebase is hard coded to use the NtlmPasswordAuthentication
(NPA) class. So supplying credentials is awkward to say the least (and
the patch does not use the JAAS Subject based security model).
Factoring out the NPA will have to happen with JCIFS 2.0 rewrite which
has been on hold for about 5 years or so ...


Michael B Allen
Java Active Directory Integration

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 2:03 PM, Travis Ennis <travis.ennis at gmail.com>
> I noticed the JCifs-Kerberos library is two versions behind the
> current regular JCifs release. If work isn't already being done in
> that area, I would like to rectify that. I can find the source for
> JCifs and the JCifs-Kerberos library, but it is possible to access the
> source from the repository as well as getting access to the build
> scripts, testing harness, etc? Being able to do so would make doing
> the work easier.
> Thanks, Travis
> --
> Travis Ennis

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