[jcifs] SMB SSO on Windows desktop application

Franck Schmidlin Franck.Schmidlin at northgate-is.com
Thu Feb 3 02:32:08 MST 2011

> I _suppose_ that it only works on Windows, because \\server\share is a
file path
> I swear that I tried it before I mailed here, but it did not work...
and it works now. 

My 2 cents: from experience, once you've accessed the share from windows
itself, e.g. through explorer,
The underlying network magic seems to handle the connection
authentication when you next call it from code.
Never knew why or how but I often bypass programmatic access problem by
first accessing the share through explorer.

I'd re-test your code after re-starting your machine, and/or un-mapping
the share from your network neighbourhood and see if it still works.

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