[jcifs] Issues with connections to servers that reboot

Sean Daley spdaley at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 13:48:28 MDT 2011

> Hi everyone,
> I'm facing exactly the same problem Sean has. However I don't have the
> means/knowledge to do such a thorough tests. Therefore, can you (Sean?)
> confirm that 1.3.16 solves your issue? Thanks
> Best reagrds!

Technically it didn't fix the original issue I reported on but I'm
pretty sure my original report is not
an issue with JCIFS.  Something isn't right with one of the virtual
machines in my environment such
that whenever it reboots or shuts down, my Linux client is not picking
up the disconnected connection
for quite a few minutes.  I have 6 VMs on this box.  5 work just fine
and 1 doesn't.  I've proven at the OS
level of my client that something is funky though too so that pulled
JCIFS out of the loop.

I still upgraded to 1.3.16 as there were a few other fixes in there
that helped me out quite a bit and so
far so good with those.


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