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Christopher R. Hertel crh at samba.org
Mon Aug 1 15:45:28 MDT 2011

Michael B Allen wrote:
> This is the sort of thing that would have been
> good to re-write at one of those interoperability labs. Unfortunately
> I don't think they have great participation at this events anymore and
> they're always California which is a bit far for me to go on my own
> dime.

Just so everyone knows...

Participation has been *very* good at the SNIA CIFS Plugfest over the past
two years, and seems only to be growing.  This year's SNIA CIFS Plugfest
will be held in September in Santa Clara, and is co-located with the SNIA
Storage Developer's Conference.  We are expecting more than 25 different
organizations in the testing room this year, based on last year's turnout.

Here's the conference website:

Microsoft is, once again, sponsoring the Plugfest which means that
participation is free for up to two engineers per organization.  Your
organization can be a recognized Open Source project, or a company, or
possibly others (such as University research teams).  Participation in the
Plugfest also gets you free admission to the Storage Developer's Conference.

So...  If you have developed a product based upon jCIFS (or Samba or any
other SMB/CIFS implementation) and you want to test it, talk to other
developers, and learn more about what SMB/CIFS really is and where it's
going, this is a great opportunity.  Microsoft, the Samba Team, SwiftTest,
and others will all have their test suites available.

I will be at the Plugfest testing the work I have done to implement the
PeerDist (BranchCache[TM]) protocols.  I will also be doing a presentation
on PeerDist and its relationship to SMB2 as part of the conference.

If you have any questions about the event, go ahead and ask.  I prefer to
keep it public on the mailing list, but you may contact me directly if you

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