[jcifs] spaces in a network share

André Warnier aw at ice-sa.com
Fri Mar 5 07:56:57 MST 2010

Bogguard wrote:
> This share name does not contain any leading spaces so I can't remove them.
> It only contains one space in the middle of the name.
> I fully agree with the fact that there should not be spaces in share names, but 
> I didn't setup this environment and do not have the rights to change it.
> Any help for a solution is appreciated
I appreciate what you are writing above, and I am trying to help.
My point is that maybe there exists a programmatic solution to the 
particular problem which you are having now (and maybe not).
But even if there exists a solution to this particular problem, it may 
still be a better solution overall to find the person who can change 
this share name, and convince them to change it to something reasonable.
Otherwise, with 99% probability, this share name is going to create 
another problem (to you or someone else) some time in the future.
Sometimes, the right solution is not to program around the problem, it 
is to fix the basic problem.  A share name with a space in it is a 
problem waiting to happen.

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