[jcifs] spaces in a network share

André Warnier aw at ice-sa.com
Fri Mar 5 07:33:32 MST 2010

Bogguard wrote:
> Hi,
> What character does a space needs to be replaced with to work in a share name?
> I tried the following but always got the following respond :
> -> The network name cannot be found.
> I tried the following (share name = test name)
> - test%20name
> - test\ name
> - test\\ name
> - test\040name
> - test\\040name
> - test\\\040name
> Thanks in advance,
> Bogguard
> ps : the network share exists for sure (the other share without space on the 
> server works)
This may help :

(see the comment about leading spaces being cropped)

I would add that using spaces in any kind of resource name (whether 
filenames, directory names or shares or whatever) is in general a bad 
idea.  It will always catch you somewhere, because you you will always 
end up missing a level of quoting somewhere.
Whoever invented that was a marketing guy, not a programmer.

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