[jcifs] smbfolder.listFiles(SmbFileFilter) drops folders with a leading whitespace

Craig Stires craig.stires at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 09:59:14 MDT 2010


wanted to followup with an update on an issue i had found in January.
hopefully, this will help isolate the problem


I'm using jcifs 1.3.14


The problem happens whenever a folder name starts with a ' '.  When
smbfolder.listFiles(SmbFileFilter) is called on a folder containing
subfolders with leading spaces, the SmbFile[] list returned has the leading
space stripped off.



actual   >  smb://mysrv/user/c/ foldername/

returned >  smb://mysrv/user/c/foldername/


I traced it down through the send stack 

(SmbFile.send(ServerMessageBlock request, ServerMessageBlock response)  

-> SmbTransport.send(request, response)


beyond that, i think it may be caused by a String.trim() further on in this

(Handler.java > getDefaultStreamHandler : 114)

   String provider = tokenizer.nextToken().trim();   // Does this need to be


other files that have a call to trim, but i'm not sure are relevant to this

   src/jcifs/dcerpc/Dcerpc/DcerpcHandle > parseBinding : 72,82,85

   src/jcifs/UniAddress > constructor : 95

   src/jcifs/http/NtlmHttpURLConnection > attemptNegotiation : 511,520

   src/jcifs/netbios/NameServiceClient > constructor : 107

   src/jcifs/netbios/Lmhosts > populate : 86,109



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