[jcifs] Redirect the JCIFS log to a log file

Del Merritt del at alum.mit.edu
Thu Jun 3 04:47:01 MDT 2010

Mohan wrote:
>            It is really very useful !!
>            We have been facing intermittent SAN access failures and our
> admins. Refuse to install packet capture software. Hopefully I can debug
> this.
> What is the optimal level of log for a production system without
> overwhelming the system ?

I have not played a lot with this.  If you Read The Fine Code you'll see
this is jcifs.util.LogStream:

0 - nothing
1 - critical [default]
2 - basic info can be logged under load
3 - almost everything
N - debugging

So the primary authors figure "2" is good.  YMMV.


> Thanks,
> Mohan
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> Mohan wrote:
>>     Is there a way to redirect the JCIFS ( -Djcifs.util.loglevel=10 or
>> any other sufficient level ) to a log file ?
> If you are willing to write a smidge of code, then you can call:
>    jcifs.util.LogStream.setInstance( ps );
> where "ps" is a PrintStream object; it defaults to System.err.  You have
> to make the call before jCIFS cranks up.
> Note that as implemented, all logging will go to that PrintStream; you
> cannot currently filter it to different destinations.  To make that
> happen, create your own class that extends PrintStream and you can
> override the write() method(s) as needed.
> -Del

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