[jcifs] Listing servers of a domain

Florian f.scholz at arics.de
Fri Jul 16 08:25:49 MDT 2010

Del Merritt <del <at> alum.mit.edu> writes:
> Florian wrote:
> > The documentation says that it's possible to list the servers of a
> > workgroup via
> > the (NetBIOS-)workgroup-name.
> > Is that although possible for a domain?
> > Do I have to use the NetBIOS-domainname in the url
> > (smb://<NetBIOS-domainname>/)
> > for that?
> > I did a test and the DNS-domainname doesn't work!
> Ayup; the only difference between a domain and workgroup is authentication.
> One thing you need to do is to strip off the "hostname" portion.  E.g., if
> your domain is:
>    foo.wonder.bar.com
> Then what you present is "foo" and not "foo.wonder.bar.com".
> -Del

Thanks Del for the fast answer.
But I think that's not that easy.
After a closer look, it seems to me, that it isn't possible to follow the
NetBIOS-domainname from the DNS-domainname how you described, especially not in
"upgraded" domains. There are domains out there, where the NetBIOS-/pre-win 2000
domainname has nothing in common with the DNS-domainname.

What do the others think?


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