[jcifs] Problem listing files from IBM iSeries server

Clapham, Paul pclapham at core-mark.com
Tue Dec 14 12:49:48 MST 2010

I reported this several months ago (maybe over a year ago, I don't
remember). I expect you could find the thread in the list archives but
at any rate the issue is in the TODO list. In the meantime you might
want to start on a workaround (unless you're interested in digging into
the jcifs code and fixing the issue yourself).





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Hi Everyone,


I am implementing JCIFS to connect shared drives on various different
servers.  I am experiencing an interesting issue when connecting to a
shared drive on our IBM iSeries server (I do not notice this when
connecting to a share on Windows or Linux).  When listing the files of a
directory using SmbFile.listFiles(), it is returning multiple duplicates
for the file entries.  The results are the same using jcifs-1.3.14.jar
and jcifs-1.3.15.jar.  Does anyone have any thoughts our ideas on how to
fix this issue?  Below is an example of the output as well as the JCIFS
debug output... 


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