[jcifs] Tomcat 7/Jcifs 1.2.19/SSO very slow

Carlton Whitmore cwhitmore at Advocacyinc.org
Tue Aug 17 13:44:07 MDT 2010

I did read that page. It looks like there are a lot of improvements in the latest versions of JCIFS that I would like to try, but I don't know enough about Java or Tomcat to proceed. 

The recommendations from the Tomcat forum were to quit using NtlmHttpFilter and get support from my webapps vendor. 
I need some help getting to the bottom of this. I would be willing to pay someone to take a look.

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Carlton Whitmore wrote:
> We're having issues with Tomcat 7 and jcifs 1.2.19. We were using Tomcat
> 6 which was very fast. The issue with Tomcat 6 was that we would get
> intermittent SSO errors. Now that we're on Tomcat 7 we don't get the SSO
> errors, but the system is noticeably slower. This system is running on
> Windows 2008 R2.
> Any ideas?
before using up the (donated) time of the people on this list,

1) read the message at the top of the page http://jcifs.samba.org/src/docs/ntlmhttpauth.html

2) the least you could do is follow the recommendations you have already been given on the 
Tomcat users list, get some log information from the NtlmHttpFilter, and look at it to 
find the problem.

In all likelihood, you have the same problem under both Tomcat 6 and 7, in all likelihood 
it has nothing to do with Tomcat, but it just manifests itself differently because of some 
underlying timeout difference.
But without looking at the logs and finding out what really happens, you are just losing 
everyone's time, including yours.

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