[jcifs] Network name resolve time

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri Aug 6 15:02:11 MDT 2010

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Hi yankings,
> Your program doesn't make any sense. You set resolveOrder to do WINS
> but you don't set a WINS server. Then the next method in the list is
> DNS but the name given is not DNS name.
> In general, you should no longer be using NetBIOS names. You should
> use DNS only and always use a fully qualified DNS hostnames. Sometimes
> you can use only the first label of the DNS hostname but in this case
> your OS must be configured with a suitable DNS search suffix.
> A proper JCIFS program should probably just set resolveOrder=DNS. But
> LMHOSTS and WINS are still enabled by default just in case someone's
> trying to connect to a Windows 98 machine.

Mike is quite right about problems of confusing NetBIOS and DNS names.
Don't confuse the two.  They're different name spaces.

Unfortunately, the use of the NBT (NetBIOS over TCP) transport is still
widespread.  Many shops run NBT without even knowing that they are doing so,
and the SoHo NAS market still relies on it.  Many uses of jCIFS (including
apps for my cellphone) expect to use NBT transport.

So, while I agree that it would be nice to move everyone off of NBT and on
to Naked TCP, it's not likely to happen any time soon.  Similarly, we should
all give up on SMB/CIFS and move to SMB2, but that's not going to happen
soon either.

We still get requests for help with OS/2 on the Samba Tech mailing list.

(no, really!)

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