[jcifs] Version of JCIFS?

André Warnier aw at ice-sa.com
Fri Nov 20 08:42:46 MST 2009

Melinda wrote:
> Melinda <melindasavoy <at> texashealth.org> writes:
>> I just inherited a java application that has a JCIFS jar file 
>> We're having problems where there have
>> been changes done to the network 
>> environment and now we cannot resolve DNS
>> names but have no problem resolving 
>> IP addresses now.
Maybe the first part to establish, is whether you are having problems 
resolving names in general, or just with jCIFS.
(IP addresses don't need to be resolved, they already are).
can you give an example of a "name" that you cannot resolve ?
And how does this manifest itself ?
Also, under what platform are you ?
And, supposing "this.name.com" is a "name" (replace by a real one),
- if you enter, in a command window, the command
ping this.name.com
what does it say ?
- if you enter
nslookup this.name.com
what does it say ?

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