[jcifs] Patch to add setting access time -- used by snaplock-like file-systems

Andy Thomson a10008051 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 17:12:46 MST 2009


Attached is zip file with two diff's, one for SmbFile, and the other for
  Trans2SetFileInformation.  These are minor changes that expose the
lower level access time setting.

This is useful for people wanting to set retention on file systems that
support the snaplock-like interface.  Instead of using external or
command line tools, they can do everything from Jcifs.

An example of it's use:

  // set the retention time in milliseconds, this
  // is a future date for when the retention will expire
  smbfile.setAccessTime( retention );

  // set the file to read-only

The patch is against the jcifs 1.3.12 source tree.

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