[jcifs] Sending data to a printer share, printing labels with jcifs

Kutscherauer Wolffgang kutschi at dingolfing.org
Tue Mar 31 18:26:11 GMT 2009

I'm new to jcifs.
I searched in the docs and the list-archive about informations to use a
printer share, because i want to use a label printer via jcifs.
The label printer need no drive because it can be used with a text-based
On a Windows-PC you had only to generate a texfile with the macro and
send the file with the the NT cmdline command "PRINT" to the local LPT
or to a a share.
Example: print /d:\\host\labelprinter macro.txt

In the docs of jcifs i fond no part that describe how to use a printer
Is it possible to send a txt-file to a printer share with the actual
version 1.3.8?
And if not, would somebody of the developers so kind to include the
patch for jcifs V 1.2.18 (described on the website of adobe) to the main
Sorry I'm not as fit with Java as necessary to do it by myself.

Link to the Adobe-KB: http://www.adobe.com/go/kb403391

Link to the patch for jcifs 1.2.18 :
Description as PDF:

I hope my english is good enough.

Wolfgang Kutscherauer

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