[jcifs] Password characters

Karel Vervaeke karel at outerthought.org
Fri Mar 20 09:04:18 GMT 2009

Hi, quick question about jcifs (version 1.1.11 - I know it's getting a bit old)

One of our users used the password “WdIdwm1n?” and couldn’t login. His
password has now changed and NTLM works fine.
I suspect the question mark has something to do with it - are there
any known problems with specific characters in passwords?

Here's how we do the authentication:

        NtlmPasswordAuthentication mycreds = new
NtlmPasswordAuthentication(domain, credentials.getLogin(),
        try {
            SmbSession.logon( mydomaincontroller, mycreds );
            // SUCCESS
            return true;
        } catch( SmbAuthException sae ) {
            return false;
        } catch( SmbException se ) {
            // NETWORK PROBLEMS?
            throw new AuthenticationException("Error authenticating
using NTLM.", se);


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