[jcifs] Question about debugging a failed smbFile.exists() call

Matthew.Mortensen at ghd.com.au Matthew.Mortensen at ghd.com.au
Tue Mar 17 00:59:00 GMT 2009

I use the section of code included at the bottom of this email to connect 
to a file using an SMB Url
eg.  smb://ghdnet.internal/ghd/AU/Brisbane/Archive-New/41/16255/WP/Final 
Report/GHD Mary River Diversion Channel Final Report 370123.pdf
There's no error on f1 = SmbFile(local), but when I call f1.exists() it 
returns false.
The same code works for the majority of files on the network and only 
fails for a few.  I can't work out why.  I know it could probably be many 
reasons but I'm not sure how I get some more logging information here as 
there is no exception raised.
I've set the loglevel in my Config
Config.setProperty("jcifs.util.loglevel", "8");
Just looking for some suggestions on how I could start debugging this 
case.  Thanks

SmbFile f1 = null;
try {
        f1 = new SmbFile(local);
} catch (Exception e) {
        System.out.println("Trying to catch failed new SMBFile");
target ="";
//Check if file exists then transfer to FTP server
//Special try statement in case file permissions don't allow access
try { 
        if( f1.exists() ) {
        target = f1.getName();
        System.out.println( local + " exists" );
        in = new BufferedInputStream(new SmbFileInputStream(f1));  
        System.out.println("FTP of file beginning.... "); 
        ftp.storeFile(target, in);
} else {
        System.out.println( local + " does not exist.  Skip this transfer" 
        reportDoc.replaceItemValue("ErrorCause","File not found : 

Matthew Mortensen

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