Re[jcifs] ading files using SmbFileInputStream

Michael B Allen ioplex at
Mon Jun 15 21:24:34 GMT 2009

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 11:45 AM, aviv<avivf at> wrote:
> The latency is pretty high, which is exactly why I want to minimize the
> number of requests made (and just make each request larger). I did play with
> snd_buf_size and rcv_buf_size but it did not work since the length in the
> request sent in capped to the value of transport.server.maxBufferSize which
> I cannot change, or am I missing something?

The maxBufferSize value is the minimum of snd_buf_size / rcv_buf_size
and the MaxBufferSize field returned by the server in the
SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE response. So if you cannot get it to go higher, it's
because the server has set the limit.

Note that there's a "large read / write" mode and a patch in the
patches directory for enabling it. It's very old so don't bother
trying to apply it with the 'patch' command. You'll have to manually
modify the JCIFS source yourself to get it to work. Also I'm not
convinced it will actually improve performance for most people. But
depending on how important throughput is to you you might check it


Michael B Allen
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