[jcifs] NTLMv2 and DFS referrals

Darren Taft daztop at rocketmail.com
Thu Jul 30 08:37:22 MDT 2009

> > Thanks for the quick response as usual Mike.  I'll directly message you with a 
> log of what happens, as well as the source code I use to reproduce the problem - 
> it's a cut down version of what I have on live.
> I received your log and ListFiles.java.
> The primary issue is probably that the hostname used in the SMB URL is
> not a fully qualified DNS domain name.
> But I would need a packet capture to verify that the referral is
> failing because of this. I'm not sure if NetBIOS names are valid
> domain-based DFS domain names.

All the names are DNS registered, with their DNS domain being included as a DNS search suffix on all machines in the company (they're also WINS registered, although that is more for legacy reasons and most machines aren't configured with WINS anymore).

> If the target is a stand-alone DFS volume, then in theory this should
> work assuming you have the right properties set but again I would need
> a capture to really look at this seriously.
> Also, you do not need to modify ListFiles. The first commandline
> argument is the SMB URL.

I'd forgotten about the ability to specify authentication details in the configuration.  The captures I've emailed you are now using the standard ListFiles code.

> Finally, you might want to try the same path from a Windows
> workstation. As a general rule, if you can show something work with a
> vanilla Windows client but fail with JCIFS, then provide captures of
> equivalent operations and I will compare and fix. As Forrest Gump
> would say, "JCIFS is as Windows does".

Everything works OK from Windows - the app I've written provides a web interface onto network shares that are used by tens of thousands of users every day.

Packet capture and log emailed to you separately.




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