[jcifs] Ramdom Access File (Zip file partial read using CIFS)

Arjan van der Veen avdveen at palanthir.nl
Tue Jul 14 03:38:30 MDT 2009

I did not test anything, but a quick look to the java.util.zip package
learns me that there is a method getNextEntry in the ZipInputStream. You can
of coure wrap the jcifs inputstream to a ZipInputStream and then loop the
ZipEntries untill you are at the position of the file you want. If you're
lucky, the file is not located at the end of the stream :)
On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 11:23, pedrofaundezgon at terra.es <
pedrofaundezgon at terra.es> wrote:

> I want to access the contents of a Zip file from a Java program.
> I know java.util.zip.ZipFile can only access local files.
> And I also know the default API exposed by jcifs is only java.io.
> InputStream API
> Is there an easy way to read a huge ZipFile over the network
> extracting only the file I am interested in the most efficient way
> possible?
> Is there a way to have jcifs expose a random access file interface
> (just like local file) and a way to have ZipFile consume it?
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