[jcifs] Workstation Name with the version 1.3.x

Marasim marasim at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 20:50:18 GMT 2009

I have a program that uses the JCIFS library. The program authenticates to a
Windows server and an event ID 540 is generated on Windows. The workstation name
in this event usually has the actual host name or ip address of the machine
where the JCIFS based program is running and is authenticating itself to the
Windows server, but after I upgraded to the 1.3.x library recently, this
workstation name field has the following format:

JCIFS<3rd octet>_<4th octect>_<index>

Where 3rd and 4th octets represent the respective octets from the IP address of
the machine running this program. So for example if my program is running from (called myhost) and is trying to connect to (called
yourhost), the workstation used to be: or myhost

After upgrade to 1.3.x it is:


I checked the code and it looks like we set the workstation name in the
NtlmContext class:

this.workstation = Type1Message.getDefaultWorkstation();

I want the older behavior back, is there a way I can override this setting in my
program without affecting the JCIFS libray itself? May be using any specific


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