[jcifs] Thread leak problem on connect timeout

Data Shock datashock at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 1 18:44:42 GMT 2009

> Ok, this looks like something worth fixing. I think using the 1.4
> timeout looks like the right track but I haven't really looked at the
> problem so I don't know. Aslo, unfortunately this is the sort of thing
> that could take a really long time to make it into the code since I
> don't really work on JCIFS for free or Free anymore. But I've added
> this to the TODO.
> Thanks for the report.
> Mike

OK, thank you for looking at it Mike.

For now, I will most likely end up using my modified version of 1.3.10 with the 1.4 timeout.  If I find anything new or discover any drawbacks to it, I'll be sure to post my findings.

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